Make Your Own Breadcrumbs with Old Sourdough Bread

I have a ton of recipes that call for breadcrumbs as a binder and I hate it when I go to the pantry and realize that I’m out of breadcrumbs. Now that I’ve figured out how to make breadcrumbs with old sourdough bread I’ll never run out!

Next time you have a spare piece of sourdough bread or an old slice you can follow this recipe to make your own homemade breadcrumbs.

make sourdough breadcrumbs with stale bread

Start by cubing the sourdough bread. I chopped this in to even chunks. In order to make the breadcrumbs shelf stable we need to remove all the sponginess and moisture to prevent molding.

put the sourdough chunks in the toaster oven to make breadcrumbs

Put your breadcrumbs in the toaster for 3-5 mins the let them sit out for about 6 hours or overnight to make sure all the moisture has evaporated.

put the bread into the food processor

Add the chunks of bread to a blender or a food processor to chop them. I did this food processor on my blender for about 2 mins.

large breadcrumb chunks

If I wanted more of a larger Panko-looking breadcrumb, this would have been a good option. But I mostly use Italian Style in my recipes.

process the bread

To get a finer chop, I switched the breadcrumbs to the single serve cup option on my blender. This worked perfectly for the size breadcrumbs I wanted.

breadcrumbs in mason jar

I recommend storing in a mason jar for freshness. If you successfully dried the bread all the way out before you processed it, this should be shelf stable for a couple of months. I recommend adding a pinch of salt to the jar to ensure freshness and work as a natural preservative.

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