dog and purple carrots

Grow Purple Food, It Will Make You Happy

There’s really no tips or tricks to this post, except to say that purple food MIGHT make your toddler more interested in eating their vegetables. But it will definitely make you happy! How do I know? Trust me, friends. There’s nothing quite like admiring a bright plate of nutritious food right before you dive in.

dog and purple carrots

Purple vegetables are not something that we see regularly in grocery stores because it’s not the “norm”. Everyone has been trained to think that carrots are orange, beans and green, and potatoes are brown, sometimes red. You might even be charged a premium for food this color, even though it grows the exact same way. Growing your own food not only cuts down on your grocery bill, but it makes beautiful food accessible to your family. PLUS, you control how it’s grown and can completely remove pesticides from the farming process. That’s a major investment in your family’s health.

Did you have any idea that food could be so lively? look at that hidden burst of color in these carrots! Absolutely radiant. This is something you won’t see in orange carrots from the grocery store.

These purple vegetables have brought an irresistible pop of color to the kitchen that makes food exciting. Although these beans loose their vibrant color after they’ve been cooked, they’re gorgeous in salads!

Purple fingerling potatoes keep their color long after being cooked! Which makes eating them that much more enticing.


It’s a wonderful thing to add color and vibrancy to your homestead or garden! I had no idea that food could be so beautiful before I took control of my kitchen and my food supply. If you’re going to start a kitchen garden I encourage you to be brave and try some new and exciting things!

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