meat thermometer in salmon

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Admittedly I thought meat thermometers all looked like little white and red golf tees. You know, the kid that pops out of the Thanksgiving turkey when it’s done. I’m a real good cook, I was taught well when it comes to seasoning and technique. But when it came to cooking any kind of meat, I was always the cut it open and see what it looks like gal. Good grief, does this meat thermometer make life a whole lot easier.

meat thermometer

Well this meat thermometer changed all that for sure. Not all meats need to be cooked to the same temperature to be considered fully cooked.

For example, fish is finished cooking at 145* F, which is medium for fish. Fish would be very chewy or leathery at 165*. But 165* is when chicken is finished cooking and safe to eat. While it’s totally ok for you to eat chicken at 190* it’s probably lost a lot of its juice and has become very dry. The visual difference between 165* and 190* might not be noticeable, but the taste and texture have certainly been impacted.

meat thermometer in salmon

Is it incredibly overwhelming for you to have memorized the temperatures at which each meat is considered safe to eat? Um, yeah. Who has the brain capacity for that unless you’re Bobby Flay? The good news is this meat thermometer has the safe to eat temperatures written right on the handle for each type of meat.

meat thermometer closed

The thermometer turns on when it’s fully extended and cleans super easy. we store it in our cooking utensil drawer right next to the stove for easy access.

meat thermometer open

If you’re interested in this meat thermometer, you can order it from the image below on Amazon.

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