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Favorite Ryobi Starter Tool Kits for New Homeowners or DIYers

Tools can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’ve just bought a new home! Chances are you’re settling in to your house and you’re excited to start making the space feel like your own. You’re going to need some power tools to help you out without driving you further into debt, after all you’re the proud new owner of a mortgage. In our experience, Ryobi has the best price on tools, and their tools have great longevity. We’ve had our Ryobi starter tool kit for 7 years and our tools are still going strong!

Ryobi is Home Depot’s private brand. They’ve got some wonderful starter kits that will give you the essentials you need to start hanging your favorite d├ęcor! If you’re reading this blog there are probably some DIYs on your horizons.

Our favorite around here is the Ryobi Tool Combo Kits! They offer a variety of tools that you’ll use regularly, and they have different combo kits to fit your personal needs.

If you’re looking for a more robust Ryobi tool kit this one has everything!

The biggest selling point about Ryobi tools are the interchangeable batteries. Gone are the days of one battery per tool. These tools come with a lithium battery that you can charge and swap between tools.

ryobi brad nailer

That’s me. Hey! I’m holding a Ryobi Brad Nailer (I just finished nailing in that board and batten wall). The Brad Nailer is NOT included in the starter kit listed in this post (it is included here). As we expanded our DIY skills, we also expanded our workbench. So if it’s not part of the Ryobi combo kit, why am I showing you this pic? Because the Brad Nailer uses the same battery as all the other Ryobi ONE+ tools. Even as you expand your workbench, the batteries are the same. Ryobi offers over 170 tools that are all powered by the same battery.

I never recommend products in our Favorite Household Product blog posts that we don’t use first. You can trust that if you see it in our Favorite Household Products we’ve used it extensively and our recommendation is genuine.

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