Toddler and Dogs playing with Snow bucket

Make a Snow Sensory Bucket for Toddlers | Snow Storm Activity

Our first snow storm of the year did not disappoint! It was nearing toddler bedtime when the snow really started to accumulate and I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun. But I also wasn’t about to put him in his snowsuit and play outside so close to bed. This Snow Sensory bucket was the perfect way to bring the snow inside and enjoy some excitement!

Here’s how simple it is to do:

I grabbed an empty storage container that I had and filled it up a little less than half way with snow and brought it inside. I gave him some of his beach scoops and shovels to play with and explore.

Before you start, you might want to have a few towels on hand just in case the snow somehow leaves the container!

Toddler playing with Snow

We talked about the color and how it felt in our hands. We scooped and scooped all our little hearts desires. I buried a couple of plastic toys under the snow and we dug them out multiple times, which eventually turned into an exciting game of peek-a-boo. We squished and crunched the snow in our hands too and worked on fine motor skills.

Duke and Duchess also really enjoyed this activity! All three of our babies crowded around the bucket to see what the snow would reveal next.

Toddler and Dogs playing with Snow bucket

We also tasted the snow! And by “we” I obviously mean EVERYONE tasted the snow.

tasting the snow

This snow sensory bucket activity lasted over an hour! Our little guy was thoroughly occupied and very focused on what he was doing. He had so much fun digging and completely exhausted himself just in time for bed.

For variations of this activity, you could also:

  • Use a cookie sheet and cookie cutter to make shapes
  • Add food coloring and do rainbow snow in your bucket! (for brave moms and older kids)
  • Add pompoms and dig for treasures

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