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Message In A Mason Jar Ornament | Family DIY

It’s the beginning of a new decade and 2020 alone has presented us with a lot to remember and look back on. No matter what your year actually contained, this is going to be a year that we talk about for a long time. I came up with this idea of a Message In A Mason Jar Ornament to celebrate, be reminded of, and memorialize yearly accomplishments. It’s a simple DIY that any family can tackle and it might even become a yearly tradition that your family looks forward to!

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I got 6 plastic mason jars and a cute ribbon for this project. The plastic mason jars are going to be your ornament “body” and the ribbon will be how you hang them on the tree. It’s really that simple!

plastic mason jars

The good news is, since these are plastic, they’re basically the same thing as shatterproof ornaments! This DIY is super kid friendly.

drill a hole

I used a small drill bit and just the slightest amount of pressure to make a hole in the aluminum lid. Don’t go too fast! I just eyeballed where center is on the lid.

holes in mason jar lid

Once you’ve got all your holes drilled, you can thread the ribbon through the hole. Tie a knot on the underside of the lid and pull up so the knot is tight and right against the mason jar lid. Ta daa! Now you have a mason jar ornament.

thread the ribbon through the hole

How incredibly simple was that? Six new mason jar ornaments in under 10 mins.

finished mason jars

We’re going to decorate one mason jar per year and fill it with memories. You can write a letter encompassing accomplishments and milestones for the year, add pictures or trinkets, you can write goals for the next year, or you can add a family photo from that year. This Message in a Mason Jar Ornament DIY is so flexible. Make it work for your own family!

In the upcoming years we’ll take out our ornaments and read our letters. These mason jar ornaments will remind us of our past and all the things we have to be thankful for! I’m so excited for future Decembers where we have so many ornaments to open and read!

decorated mason jar

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