hammered metal look a like letters

Faux Hobby Lobby Metal Letters

When you have a baby you decorate their room with their name, right? I think that’s a really popular trend in recent years. While I was shopping around, I fell in love with the metal letters from Hobby Lobby.

hobby lobby metal letters

They’re masculine in a gorgeous rustic kind of way. But even when they’re 50% off they’re still a little pricey. With a baby with a 6-letter name, that CHA-CHING $$$ adds up quickly! I figured out a way to make these myself without the huge price tag!

I still shopped Hobby Lobby for this DIY, but instead of getting their metal letters, I opted for the unfinished wood letters, which were $3.50 compared to $30 (or $15).

I laid the letters out over some cardboard to prep them for spray painting.

rustoleum hammered metal

Rustoleum makes a Hammered Metal spray paint that I thought would be perfect to achieve the metal look I wanted for the baby’s room.

first coat of spray paint

The first coat of spray paint just looked like shimmery silver. There was nothing spectacular about it… yet. When I applied a second and third coat, this spray paint blew my mind.

spray painted letters

You can see that with additional coats, the paint started to make that hammered metal look. After the third coat, I went back and filled in areas that I wanted a more dramatic look.

hammered metal letters

One can of Rustoleum’s spray paint was perfect for the 6 letters I needed to cover!

Here’s the finished look in the nursery! Bonus: this letters are so lightweight, I want able to hang them with Command Strips instead of putting 6 holes in the wall!

hammered metal look a like letters

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