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5 Steps to a New Mailbox

Mailboxes are one of those forgotten features of a home, but it shouldn’t be! Having a fresh mailbox adds instant curb appeal to your home. This might have been the original mailbox post to our home. It felt like a wilted toothpick. This DIY was overdue and it was so easy I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t do it sooner!

Watch our recap video to see how we replaced our mailbox. You can keep scrolling if you want the step-by-step details.

Supplies You’ll Need to Install a New Mailbox:

Step 1: Stain the New Mailbox Post

stain the new mailbox post

I used two coats of Verathane wood stain to cover the mailbox post. Two coats was prefect to get a nice golden color. It was a really warm day, so these coats dried in under an hour. I did this step first so it had time to dry while I removed the original post. I recommend getting a pressure treated mailbox post so it holds up better against the elements over the years.

Step 2: Remove the Previous Mailbox

You would think that this step would be pretty fast. FACTS: I spent more time digging out the original post than the rest of the active time this DIY took.

dig out the mailbox post

The easiest way to get the original post out is to give yourself some extra space to [violently] wiggle the post out.

clean out the post hole

When you get the post out, remove any loose dirt that might have fallen back in the hole. You’ll want to make sure the next mailbox post can go in unobstructed.

Step 3: Install the New Mailbox Post

level the post
level the post

This step is easiest to do with a buddy. You’ll need someone to help you keep the post level while you pour in mix. We used Sika fence post mix for this project. IT WAS AWESOME. The foam took less than 2 mins to rise and it completely hardened in less than 2 hours (it might take more or less time depending on the weather). To see how this works, watch the video above!

Step 4: Install a Wood Spacer for the Mailbox

This seems like a weird thing to add, but if you want your mailbox to sit flat against the mount, you’ll need an extra piece of wood that’s not included on the post. There’s a little ledge on the back on the mailbox that prevented it from sitting completely flat. If I didn’t install the mount, the mailbox would not be 100% secure on the post. I eye-ball measured this piece to make sure it would fit under the mailbox.

You can cut this piece of wood using a miter saw or a circular saw. If you want to go real old school, you can cut this by hand! You’re not going to see much of it, so it doesn’t need to be perfect. I used 3 decking screws to secure the wood to the post.

Step 5: Install the New Mailbox

new mailbox

Follow the instructions on the mailbox you purchased! Ours was pretty simple! I needed 8 screws (4 on each side) to attach the mailbox to that extra wood mount I put on the mailbox post!

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