how to cut down a tree

3 Steps to Cut Down a Tree

how to cut down a tree

Since we’ve purchased our home, we’ve cut down over 30 trees! The former owners of our house had more trees in the back yard than we knew what to do with. In an effort to create more space for Duke and Duchess to play, we did a lot of chopping. Here’s how you can safely cut down a tree in 3 simple steps:

  1. 45* downward angle into the base of the tree
  2. Cut parallel to the ground into the tree to meet the 45* cut (this will create a wedge. Remove the wedge/notch from the tree trunk.)
  3. On the back of the tree, make a parallel cut to the ground that is 3 inches above the base of the notch

Make sure you are standing behind the tree when you make cut #3. The tree will fall in the direction of the wedge that you removed.

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