remove the stencil on the welcome mat

Custom Outdoor Welcome Mat

It’s no secret here that we’re obsessed with dogs. Brian and I joke all the time that we go to work so the dogs can live their best life. So why not make a welcome mat that’s about dogs? Makes perfect sense to us!

We give a big paws/thumbs up for this super simple DIY! This took less than two hours and cost less than $35.

Here’s what you’ll need (I’ve linked each item I used):

Scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the full video!

how to make a welcome mat materials

All of these materials were purchased on Amazon, which made getting them really easy! The quality of the mat is excellent! I thought it was going to shed a lot, but it really doesn’t. There were some loose fibers when I initially opened the box and rolled it out, but after that everything was great!

I picked the quote “We hope you like dogs” because, well, we have a large welcoming committee when you walk in our house.

I created a vinyl stencil because I had some extra material on hand, but you could just as easily use printer paper and double sided tape to secure the stencil in place.

line up the stencil

You can use a measuring tape to get it on center, or just eyeball it. I like to do both 🙂 I used the transfer paper to get the vinyl stencil in place.

stencil in place in mat

Admittedly, I was so excited to do this DIY, I didn’t notice the stencil had moved. When I pulled the transfer paper off, it shifted a little. I should have taken an extra few mins to really make sure the stencil was centered. Take your time with this step and make sure it’s in the exact spot you want it before you start painting.

paint inside the stencil

The mat is really coarse so the vinyl doesn’t adhere the same as it does to smooth surfaces. Go slow! I was painting with one hand and holding the stencil down in the other. The negative space in letters are particularly tricky to paint around.

painting the welcome mat stencil

I painted the entire stencil once, then I went back and filled in some bald spots. The mat is pretty thick, so in some areas I laid the paint on pretty heavy! Like I mentioned before, the mat is really coarse, so while the stencil was shifting a little, the paint definitely was not. The paint did not bleed AT ALL!

dirty hands welcome mat

DIYs take commitment! 🙂

Give it a few minutes to dry and wash your hands off! There’s nothing like ruining a good DIY because you got sloppy!

When you’re ready, remove the stencil!

remove the stencil

remove the stencil on the welcome mat

Here’s our new welcome mat and the welcoming committee! and yes, that’s their nose art (I’ve given up on cleaning that everyday).

welcome mat and Duke and Duchess

we hope you like dogs welcome mat

Watch the video:

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