How to Clean Siding without Scrubbing

Did I ever mention that in the 3 years we have lived in this home we have cut down over 30 trees in our backyard? In the 7-ish years that our home was empty the trees were entirely untamed and had free reign to grow over the house without boundaries. We had a ton of mold build-up on all the siding. So I looked into ways to clean siding without a ton of effort. 

Here are the before pictures:

The mold went all the way up to the second floor with concentrated areas above the bay window. These pictures don’t do the look or the smell justice. Our backyard was a damp breeding ground for mold, bugs, and disappointment.

I thought it was going to take us an entire weekend to clean the siding, with multiple trips up and down a ladder. But we found this cleaning product at Home Depot, which I highly recommend.

clean siding - e-z house wash

E-Z House Wash by Home Armor is a godsend. This is a $6 life saver. It took me 30 mins to clean the siding on the entire back of the house and I never climbed a ladder. Attach the hose to the bottle, turn it on, and let it rip. The solution gets sprayed onto the siding, you let me marinate on the mold for about 5 mins and then you wash it off. Most importantly… no scrubbing!

Look at the results!

clean exterior siding

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