Dog Bowl Stands

Duke and Duchess do everything in style. We’re a little dog obsessed over here, if you haven’t figured that out by now. A few months ago they got their very first Rae Dunn XL dog bowls. I decided it was time to take them to the next level, for a few reasons. Duke and Duchess are large dogs, and I felt bad that they looked hunched over while they ate their food. So I got it in my head that they needed a stand, for practical reasons… ya know?

So this DIY, like all DIYs started at Home Depot. I’m pretty familiar with the wood section, because of all the signs I’ve been making recently. I saw these 6 inch legs and thought they would be PERFECT for the dog bowl stand base.

Duke and Duchess each get their own stand. So I needed 8 of these coffee table legs.

In order to build the frame to hold their bowls, I bought an 8ft x 6ft  and 1in x 2in pieces of wood and stained them. I’ve used this wood before, so I know it holds up pretty well! I always aim to use pieces that have a lot of interest in the wood. The more grooves, knots, and nicks, the cooler it looks when it’s stained.

After I finished staining it, I let it dry for 24 hours.

When it was dry, I used the bowls to measure how much space I would need for the tray. I played around with the spacing a little and landed on 17.5 inches. I used a table saw to cut the wood pieces to length. I cut four 8 inch pieces for the sides of the trays and nailed them into place with my nail gun.

Then I measured the new length of the long side to include the new frame. Then cut that to size for the remaining 4 sides.

After the frame was completed, I stained the exposed corners!

Next, I turned the frame upside down. I lined up the table leg with where I wanted it to be positioned and I made a divot with the exposed screw at the top of the leg. That mark is the drill spot!

I used a drill bit and drilled partially into the wood, just enough to be able to screw the legs in. Be sure you don’t pop through the other side!

clear coat sealer

Last step! I used a polycrylic water based sealer to protect the wood. This is for dogs after all, and our little royals are messy! I wanted to make sure that I protected what I built, but more importantly, I don’t want any excess food or slobber to become a breeding ground for bacteria. By sealcoating the wood, I was able to make it an easy to clean surface!

Look how happy they are with their new food bowl stands!


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