Dog Rope Toy

Dog Rope Toy in 15 mins!

How long do toys last in your house? 18 mins? Yeah, us too! The Duke and Duchess have accepted “tuff toys” as a personal challenge. Dog toys can be ridiculously expensive, even when you catch a sale at Walmart. But anything seems overpriced when it lasts for less than an hour. So here we are, making our own dog rope toy. 

Brian and I have a bunch of old jeans that desperately needed to be retired. Instead of throwing them away, like they actually deserved, we turned them into a pit bull rope toy. Also, it was a really good excuse to go buy 5 new pairs of jeans. Here’s how it’s done:

First, you’ll need an awesome dog(s) to love and adore and give them all the cookies they deserve. Then get some old jeans you don’t want anymore. You’ll need to cut off the pant legs, so turn those old jeans into some daisy dukes… then throw them away… those shorts don’t lead to good decisions.

pitbull and old jeans

You’ll need to cut the pant legs open. You can cut straight up the seam. Open up the plant leg, then cut into strips. I was able to make 9 even strips.

Take the strips and group them at the top. You’ll need to squeeze pretty hard to tie a knot.

Then group the strips into groups of three and braid! Make the braid as tight as you can make it. Knot again at the bottom and you’re done!

Enjoy puppy play time! Please monitor your pups while they play! This DIY toy, like regular rope toys will fray. But look how happy the Royals are!


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