Christmas Card Display

Joy to the world, Christmas cards are on their way! Cards are one of the best Christmas traditions out there. Admittedly, Brian and I do not send out our own card. My parents take serious pride and joy in sending out a massive card with all 12 of us (people, not including dogs), on there.

Growing up my mom had a special basket (still does) designated for Christmas Cards in the middle of the kitchen. I always loved looking through it to see how families have grown from year to year. However, since the cards are in a basket the one on top is really the only one that’s visible.

I can’t and will not take credit for this DIY because one of my dear friends has done this in her kitchen every year since I’ve known their family. I borrowed this idea from her, but I love it so much I think everyone should do it if they don’t already!

So here it is!


I love this because I can see all the cards at one time! and it adds some Christmas cheer to an otherwise un-decoratable pantry door. These are just the cards that we’ve received so far, but every time I walk by my heart is so full! I can’t wait for more cards to come!

Here’s how I did it…

What you’ll need:

  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Packing tape

Thats it!!!

The ribbon was $3 on sale at Big Lots for 12 feet. How can you go wrong with that? I can use the rest of the ribbon to wrap presents since there’s still a little less than half left.

Unwrap the ribbon and tape the end to the top of the inside of the door. You could probably use a push pin if you don’t mind puncturing a hole in the door, but the tape works just as well! Let the rest of the ribbon fall to the floor. Wrap the ribbon under the door and pull up, then cut! The last step is taping the bottom of the ribbon to the bottom of the door! Now you can tape the cards directly to the ribbon.

Merry Christmas!


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