Front Door Update

This front door update has been a LONG TIME in the making.

The original door was beat to crap when we moved in. No seriously. The doorjambs were cracked. The fiberglass had been ripped out, hammered back in, given a deplorable paint job and you could see daylight through the door. My dad (Hi, Dad) told us, “That’s a glorified bathroom door. You need something more secure.” He was right. There was no deadbolt. A toddler could have kicked our door in.


We ordered the new door from Home Depot in the beginning of December 2015. It was a prefabricated, pre hung door. It was only supposed to take the door 2 weeks to arrive. We opted for it to be delivered to Home Depot to save the $300 delivery charge and to install it ourselves to save $1,500. As it turned out, the manufacturer didn’t communicate with Home Depot that they would be closed for inventory for 3 weeks and their Christmas Holiday. It took them almost 6 weeks to get the door to us, but by the time it arrived Brian was in a terrible car accident and broke his collar bone into 4 pieces. Due to Brian’s condition and surgery we were unable to pick up the door. Eventually Home Depot got annoyed about storing it for so long. They were calling me regularly to pick up the door. I explained to them about our situation and they dropped the door off FOR FREE! It’s amazing how God works out even the tiniest little things for our good.

It was a few months before Brian was able to install the front door with the help/guidance of two of our amazing friends.

My guy cutting out the molding 🙂

5 hours later the front door was in and HOLY COW did it make the house look amazing!

glamour shot

We also installed updated lights and got rid of the original bronze ones from the 80’s. YUUUUCK.


We wanted a black door so I started to paint. I ended up only painting the door because I wasn’t positive if I wanted a black door with white sidelights or all black. It was getting late and I wrapped up what I was doing. The next day was too ungodly hot to go paint again. The following 12 days poured. Obviously you can’t paint without a clear forecast. Then it got hot again. Then we got sidetracked with the back yard. Then I got sick and required surgery. So our door looked like this for quite some time….


Not the worst, just not what I wanted. Until today! I was feeling so much better and the weather was begging for an outdoor DIY. So I finally wrapped up the exterior front door project. The outside of our house is nearly finished!!


What a beauty! 🙂

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