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Diamond Accent Wall

This diamond accent wall was the very first project I did to make our new house feel like home! Admittedly, I was really excited to do something adventurous because I was finally the boss of my own space -minus Brian. This was fun and simple and it took two days! Here’s the finished product…


I would recommend doing this on a wall that has very little interruptions. Avoid weird shaped walls, fireplaces, and tons of vents and electrical outlets (square walls are definitely the easiest to work with). The fewer the obstacles, the simpler it is to do this! This wall is in our family room.

Here’s how it’s done.


  • 1 Willing Husband
  • 1 Roll of painters tape
  • 1 pint of Behr Waterscape from Home Depot.

Starting from the top right corner, make a mark every 24 inches. From the bottom right corner, mark every 12 inches. These are going to be your guides.

Take the painters tape and tape off the wall like you would for regular paint job. Then start to lay it out diagonally. It’s easier to start in one direction, move all the way across the wall. Then go back and do the opposite diagonal direction on top. Doing a basket type weave with the tape is only going to get annoying and make it difficult to adjust the tape. YOU WILL NEED TO ADJUST THE TAPE. Make sure it’s not bowing and you have straight lines.  When you’re finished it will look like this…

FullSizeRender copy

Disclaimer: even after you adjust the tape, it will never be perfect. The good news is the wall is so busy, no one will ever notice.

Make sure all the tape is completely adhered to the wall, if there are bubbles or creases the paint will find its way in there!

You’re ready to paint!

Let the paint dry 90% of the way before taking the tape off. Don’t wait until it’s completely dried or the paint can chip when you’re taking the tape off!

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